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The mission

Agriculture is an extremely avant-garde and innovative sector: in our Country, in particular, it assumes a role of primary importance for development and economic growth. Our planet is facing an ever-increasing demand for food from an ever-increasing population and agriculture, to respond to this need, must increase production by coming to terms with ever more limited water, territorial and energy resources.
For this reason, it is necessary to invest in state-of-the-art technologies and innovations that allow increasing crop yields in response to minor inputs. 
In fact, the Group collaborates with the best genetic research institutes to obtain ever more productive varieties that are resistant to environmental stresses; and invests in sustainability, because respect for the environment is a fundamental value in research and development, to cope with global changes, guaranteeing efficiency and quality. 
The new frontiers of agriculture will lead to an important qualitative and quantitative development and Gruppo Manara, strengthened by the experience gained in these 65 years of work, proposes itself as an interpreter of this change.

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Gruppo Manara