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The agro supplies of Gruppo Manara

The marketing of agricultural products by Gruppo Manara means providing expertise.
Our technicians guarantee professionalism and experience and are able to assist individual farmers, advising them on commercial and agronomic choices. The Group is widespread in the territory with 11 stores where a careful and qualified staff is able to provide information on the most suitable products for every need. The widespread presence in the Veneto region and part of Mantua territory allows us to assist our customers directly, making all our experience available.

Our products

The marketing activities of agro supplies stems from the Group's desire to follow the farmer at every step, offering him a 360° service.
The products we decide to market are chosen on the basis of the company's value system: for this reason, suppliers are selected based on the quality of the products offered, the reliability and efficiency of the service offered.
We sell agrochemicals belonging to the most important brands in the sector throughout the Veneto region and part of Mantua, guaranteeing our customers a wide range of technical means suitable for every crop and production system.

Our technicians

Gruppo Manara can count on the presence of 33 agronomist technicians who form a strong and cohesive team. Our agronomic technicians have all the most modern technologies available to satisfy customers' requests and needs as quickly as possible, through mobile devices they can place orders online, check product availability in the warehouse in real-time, consult the "Quaderno di Campagna".
The team also consists of young and dynamic students, with agricultural studies behind them and different work experiences in this area. These are joined by company veterans, who have, among others, the task of transmitting knowledge and experience to the youngest.
The result is a cohesive and collaborative working group that aims at continuous improvement. Gruppo Manara strongly believes that the fundamental element in customer management is the human relationship, which passes through the availability, field presence and the competence of our technicians.

The warehouse

Gruppo Manara is present in the Veneto region with 11 warehouses associated with as many stores, differentiated according to the needs of the area and the most common crops in that area. Within these warehouses, our operators manage over 50.000 orders every year thanks to a wide catalog of products that have about 3.830 references. Our technicians, equipped with technological devices (such as tablets), can check stock in real-time and place orders wherever they are. The warehouse operators, also equipped with terminals with which they monitor the availability, manage the order on the same day and proceed with the delivery of the products. Recently we have introduced a platform that informs the customer via SMS of the incoming delivery and allows its management.
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Supply chain contracts

The quality of the products marketed by Gruppo Manara, together with the important experience gained in the seed sector, has led the company to create winning synergies with various segments of the food industry, giving rise, over the years, to various supply chain contracts.
The supply chain contract becomes the opportunity for Gruppo Manara to create a relationship of trust and mutual interest with the customer, providing them with products and technical means, together with a continuous field service of our technicians.
The Gruppo Manara supply chain contracts cover the following products:
  • white soy;
  • waxy corn;
  • edible white corn;
  • protein soy.

The Quaderno di Campagna

The Quaderno di Campagna or Register of Processing Operations is mandatory for all farmers who sell or give away their products to third parties. Gruppo Manara will provide to its customers a software that allows the compilation of the Register of Processing Operations, able to automatically verify the accuracy of every single treatment inserted taking into account the crop or adversity on which it is used. Furthermore, the program will be able to monitor the safety interval, the maximum number of treatments and the interval between them, the possible revocation of some products, the maximum number of treatments per active substance. First it will be stated to choose the crop and the number of hectares: the identification of the crop will make it possible to check that any IPR (Integrated Production Regulations) is respected, the number of hectares will allow the software to check the stocks and warn, if necessary, to buy certain products before proceeding to the next treatment.
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Le nostre competenze

More than 50 years of experience in the sector allow Gruppo Manara to offer expertise and technical assistance in every aspect of the agricultural sector, paying attention to new market demands. Thanks to the continuous updating that our technicians carry out, we are able to guarantee assistance not only in the context of conventional agriculture but also in that of organic and integrated agriculture.


Conventional agriculture

Conventional agriculture is an agricultural production system that provides for the coordinated use of chemicals with low impact on the environment and on humans integrated with biological, genetic or cultural means. The concept of integrated production envisages a method of cultivation that adheres to a production disciplinary, that is a set of indications and/or operating practices that outline, for example, the active ingredients to be used or the doses and times of administration of chemical products. Even in conventional agriculture, more and more attention is paid to the environment, limiting as much as possible the use of products that, in large quantities, could have negative consequences.


Organic agriculture

Organic agriculture is an agricultural production method that does not use synthetic chemicals. This method involves substantial restrictions on the use of fertilizers and pesticides, for the purpose of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable agricultural development. According to Eurostat data, Italy is among the European nations where organic farming grows the most and is still constantly growing. This is demonstrated by the 53% increase in land allocated to organic farming in the last 5 years, placing our country in second place in Europe after Spain.

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