Gruppo Manara


Gruppo Manara is a leading organization in the agricultural sector thanks to the combination of experience and innovation. 
It was founded in 1954 when Luigi Manara started his marketing business of products and technical means for agriculture, starting a path that will lead the company to become a reference point for the entire sector. 
Today Gruppo Manara looks to the future, intercepting the innovative and technological needs of the agriculture sector.

The Seed Activity in addition to the marketing of numerous varieties of small-grain cereal, also deals with the selection, drying and storage of seeds through high-tech facilities. Alongside these activities, Gruppo Manara creates important synergies with the agri-food sector through supply chain contracts, which allow to create a relationship of trust with the local farms and offer the food industry a controlled and high quality product.

The product marketing activities for agriculture covers the territories of Veneto and Lombardy thanks to a structured network of technicians able to guarantee experience and professionalism. Our technicians offer assistance to farmers advising them on commercial and agronomic choices.

Gruppo Manara is present on the territory with 11 stores dedicated to the garden&pet world. Inside the shops there is a wide range of products and accessories for animals and for the garden, an attentive and trained staff that advises the customer in the choice of plants and in the care of the animals. These activities are accompanied by flower compositions, the sale of animals and the whole world linked to gifts.

Among the various activities of the Gruppo Manara there is also the production of rapeseed and sunflower oil: the state-of-the-art facility produces 250 tons of oil annually through cold pressing, obtaining a high-quality product with multiple uses. 
The Group has long been investing in technological development, state-of-the-art facilities, collaborating for genetic research aimed at obtaining the best varieties, respecting the environment, in people and their training. 
Gruppo Manara, now as then, knows how to intercept the needs and requirements of each client, providing timely and innovative solutions in all the sectors in which it operates.

Gruppo Manara