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Among the various activities Gruppo Manara is also involved with the production of oil: at the Vigasio (VR) facility, in fact, there is a cutting-edge pressing plant where rapeseed and sunflower seed are processed.
The plant uses mechanical cold pressing, which is the best process for maintaining all the organoleptic characteristics of the seed. In this way we obtain a high quality product with multiple uses such as the food industry, which represents our main channel, cosmetics or energy.

Our pressing facility

The facility at the Vigasio (VR) plant, through the cold mechanical pressing, obtains two types of product: sustainable vegetable oil and oil for food use. The facility is also certified to carry out organic processing, a service that we can perform for third parties. The facility is able to reach up to 1.000 kg/h of squeezed seed, for a total of 24 tons of seed a day. The average yield of the facility in optimal conditions corresponds to 41% of oil output and about 57% in solid residue, the by-product of the squeezing used for animal feed.
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Rapeseed and sunflower seed is transformed into oil through different processing steps. The facility consists of two presses, one in series and the other: a 750 kg/h Carrera which carries out a first pre-pressing and a 1000 kg/h capacity MIG which proceeds with the actual squeezing. The seed, therefore, is subjected to a double pressing process. The subsequent processing phase involves a horizontal centrifugation during which the solid material present in the oil is separated, followed by the vertical centrifugation that extracts the water. At the end of the manufacturing process the output is an oil with a good level of clarity: this can be marketed raw or subjected to a further process through the flour filter obtaining the refined oil.

Our services

  • Production of sustainable vegetable oil from rapeseed and sunflower
  • Production of edible oil
  • Organic processing for third parties
  • Collection of rapeseed and sunflower seeds
  • Supply chain contracts
  • Oil refining
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