Gruppo Manara's seeding activity

The history of Gruppo Manara's seed activity began in 1963 when Luigi Manara, owner of a small agricultural shop, dedicated himself to the reproduction of small-grain cereal seed with the agronomist Lionello Dusi. Over the years Manara seeds became a symbol of quality and began to be marketed throughout Italy. Today, Gruppo Manara, leader in the production of small-grain cereals with 22% of the market shares, sells different varieties of soft and durum wheat, barley and triticale
The seed area, in addition to the marketing of cereals, is divided into different activities: the selection of seeds for small-grain cereals thanks to modern selection facilities, the storage and drying of cereals, corn, soy, sunflower and rapeseed, the production of rapeseed and sunflower oil with a high-tech squeezing plant, cogeneration plants, collection and marketing contracts.
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Always attentive to market developments in which it operates, Gruppo Manara has been investing in varietal research for some time now. Gruppo Manara works closely with the most important European genetic institutes, obtaining the distribution of the best genetics present in Europe and the exclusive management of some of these varieties. Thanks to the important experience gained in the sector, Gruppo Manara selects the most suitable varieties for the national territory to propose to the reference market, offering a wide and avant-garde range.


The internal laboratory of Gruppo Manara periodically carries out a series of analysis on small-grain cereal species such as soft wheat, durum wheat and triticale. In this way a further check is carried out to ensure the high quality of the product placed on the market. To obtain the certifications with which Gruppo Manara products are equipped, it is necessary to carry out a series of physical analyzes that determine the possible presence of foreign seeds, specific purity and germination capacity. The process is divided into a first sampling phase and, subsequently, analysis are carried out to determine the above parameters (presence of foreign seeds, specific purity, germination). However, there are other types of analysis that concern, for example, specific weight or indicators of humidity or impurities.
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The main aim of Gruppo Manara's drying and storage activity is to enhance the local productions of farmers by promoting supply chain contracts with the processing industry. In the Vigasio (VR) facility there are two drying facilities for corn, soy, rapeseed and sunflower. The first, for corn, has a capacity of 300 tons per day, while the second, for soy, rapeseed and sunflower, of 200 tons per day. Also at the Monastier (TV) site, there are two dryers: the first contains up to 700 tons of corn per day, the second up to 200 tons of soy per day. Gruppo Manara is able to receive up to 2000 tons per day with an overall annual handling of up to 180.000 tons.


The important experience of Gruppo Manara in the seed sector, together with the quality of the marketed products, has led the company to create winning synergies with various segments of the food industry, giving rise, over the years, to various supply chain contracts.
The supply chain contract becomes an opportunity both for the farms in the area that are guaranteed the purchase of the crop and for the food industry to which Gruppo Manara is addressed, which can count on very high quality and quantity standards. Furthermore, Gruppo Manara is organized to guarantee the storage and drying of considerable quantities of products thanks to our collection centers throughout Veneto. The Gruppo Manara supply chain contracts cover the following products: white soy, waxy corn, edible white corn, protein soy.


The modern selection facility of Gruppo Manara allows small-grain cereals to be processed quickly and with very high-quality standards. The latest generation plant is equipped with all the necessary equipment for an optimal selection of various types of seeds. 
Below are the different phases of the seed selection process.


The seed, before being placed in the selection facility, is subjected to an external pre-cleaning in order to guarantee a good quality product already at the beginning of the processing. The harvested wheat, thanks to a series of cylinders with slotted links, is deprived of inert or broken materials and is ready for the mechanical selection process.


The mechanical selection takes place according to the canons of the standard selection of cereals. So we start from the selection by size, which takes place through the latest generation Crivelli cleaner purchased in 2018 by the Gruppo Manara. Then two pairs of honeycombed rollers make a selection by type. In the following step, the use of two densimetric tables for the separation of the product based on the specific weight is foreseen. At the end of the cycle, in order to homogenize the batch from the chromatic point of view, the optical fiber sorter was installed. Once the degree of color to be obtained from the batch has been set, the sorter goes to eliminate the defective product with a compressed air micro jet. The end result is perfect cleaning and an extremely precise and standardized product.



Tanning is carried out with a CIMBRIA HEID CC 250, a latest-generation tanner with a capacity of 25 ton/h. The state-of-the-art machinery allows a rapid drying of the product which reduces the technical time required for packaging and accelerates the entire process.



The final phase of the selection process requires the product to be packaged and palletized to proceed with the marketing. In 2018 a packaging machine was purchased with a capacity of 1000 bags/h which, together with a Big Bag packaging machine, allows to reach a flow rate of about 36 tons/h. The product is packaged in 25 kg or 30 kg bags or 500 kg Big Bags. At the end of the cycle there is a robotic palletizer in layers with a capacity of 1,200 bags per hour.

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