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Gruppo Manara is a leading organization in the agricultural sector thanks to the combination of experience and innovation. 
It was founded in 1954 when Luigi Manara started his marketing business of products and technical means for agriculture, starting a path that will lead the company to become a reference point for the entire sector. Today Gruppo Manara looks to the future, intercepting the innovative and technological needs of the agriculture sector...
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Our video

The new Gruppo Manara video shows all the activities and our services that we're doing every day, with passion and dedication.

The new brochure

You will find the presentation and all the activities of the company in the new brochure of Gruppo Manara.
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The mission

Agriculture is an extremely avant-garde and innovative sector: in our Country, in particular, it assumes a role of primary importance for development and economic growth. Our planet is facing an ever-increasing demand for food from an ever-increasing population and agriculture, to respond to this need, must increase production by coming to terms with ever more limited water, territorial and energy resources.
For this reason, it is necessary to invest in state-of-the-art technologies and innovations that allow increasing crop yields in response to minor inputs.

Our history


Luigi Manara starts its business of marketing products and technical means for agriculture.


With the collaboration of the agronomist Lionello Dusi, Luigi Manara starts the seed business with the SEV brand (Sementi Elette Verona), extending the entrepreneurial interest to the seed world. With this step, the business begins to take on the role of a supply chain, an extremely avant-garde concept for that period. The company, distributing varieties of seeds for small-grain cereals throughout Italy, acquires more and more skills in the sector...

The formation

Gruppo Manara is a reality that invests a lot in young people and in their training. For this reason we have devised an internal process that involves the careful selection, by human resources, of young people who want to grow professionally and acquire skills in the field.
In the first months of our experience in the company, our resources are followed by tutors who, in addition to introducing them to the activities to be performed, must constantly monitor their improvements. A professional figure has been set up within the staff with the task of assisting young people in their journey, a sort of "personal trainer" who favors the handing over of company veterans and new resources, passing on their knowledge and experience.

Our numbers


Years of experience


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Commercialized varieties


Orders managed every day






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Gruppo Manara