When our cats fall sick

How to administer medicine to cats

Sometimes it happens that our animals fall sick and curing them is not always so easy, particularly talking about cats. It’s known that every cat has a different character: it might be the kitty inclined to a relation with humans whom you can play with or the independent one, easily frightened and hard to touch.
What to do when we need to administer a medicine to our cat? First you need to remember that only the veterinary can prescribe medicines for the animals, and if he knows your four-legged friend well, he’ll know the best method of administration as well. 
In case your cat needs to take a pill, we advise you to pulverize it, mixing it in its food. Make sure the cat eats all of it, cats are usually smart! In alternative you may try to hold it gently with a towel and make it swallow the medicine, it won’t be pleasing but you’ll have the certainty that it has taken the medicine. If the cat is hit by a more serious sickness, injections will be necessary, be wary that only the veterinary is allowed to administrate them, it is a particular procedure which needs a professional.

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