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Gruppo Manara is present on the territory with 11 stores with an area dedicated to the sale of garden and vegetable care products. We have a wide range of items and accessories including seeds and vegetable plants, outdoor and indoor flowers, fruit plants, aromatic plants, accessories and equipment. You will also find an attentive and qualified staff able to give you all the indications for the care of your vegetable garden or garden.

Compositions and Gifts

Within our stores, as well as different varieties of flowers and plants, you will have the opportunity to get custom flower arrangements. The skilled hands of our girls, in fact, will be able to create elegant and refined compositions for your special occasions, inserting the flower or plant of your choice inside. The composition service can also be used to set up balconies and terraces: take the photo of the area you want to decorate and inside the store our staff will advise you in the best way.


Salad, carrots, tomatoes. And then again: cucumbers, courgettes, aubergines, celery... In our stores there are many varieties of plants available for your garden. In addition to choosing among multiple types of plants, you can find the equipment and products necessary for the growth and care of your vegetable garden, together with an attentive and prepared staff, able to answer all your questions and satisfy your every request.
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The flowering plants are subdivided into those most suited to the external environment and those that can be grown even in indoor spaces. Depending on your needs, in our stores you can find garden flowers such as hedges, cyclamens, primroses, winter roses, geraniums or daisies. If, on the other hand, you want to furnish the interior of your home, our wide range of indoor flowers will satisfy your expectations.


The fruit plants, besides being very beautiful, are perfect in the garden but also to furnish the balcony. In our stores there is a wide range of fruit plants: from peach to lemon, to pear, to persimmon. And then the cherry tree, the plum tree, the vine, the kiwi, passing through raspberries, kiwi and blueberries. The best time for fruit plants is spring or autumn, periods with a greater temperature range such as winter or summer are not suitable.


A part of our product catalog is reserved for aromatic plants. Even without a garden area, you can still grow the aromas necessary for your dishes on a balcony. At Gruppo Manara stores you can find basil, marjoram, mint, parsley, rosemary, sage and many other aromatic varieties!
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