Respect for the environment

Manara Group pays particular attention to environmental issues and safeguard.
A project which started 3 years ago has led to a strong investment in renewable energy and to a reduction of fossil fuels consumption: photovoltaic systems with a capacity of over 450 kWh have been installed both in Oppeano and Vigasio factories, with the aim to reduce fossil fuels consumption and promote the employment of electric machinery for seeds selection processes and of electric lift trucks for the movement of cargo to the stores destined to seeds and agro supplies. The goal for the next years is to substitute internal-combustion engine vehicles with electricity-powered ones.
The self-production of electricity, obtained through a cogeneration process with a rapeseed and sunflower oil motor, does not only provide the power supply for seed pressing and handling systems, but also a noticeable quantity of heat energy used to reduce the employment of fossil fuel in the process of drying and in the heating of factories and offices.