Headquarters in Cà degli Oppi, Oppeano
Headquarters in Oppeano

The administrative headquarters of the Group and the important seed selection establishment for winter cereals are located in the historical seat of Cà degli Oppi, Oppeano. Here there are also the warehouses and the structures dedicated to the sale of the agricultural products of Manara Agroforniture. Moreover, two maize and soybean dryers are installed, together with warehouses with a capacity of 6000 tons. The center aims to self-product part of the great energy needs through the contribution of a 300 kWh photovoltaic system. 
Factory of Vigasio - aerial view
Factory of Vigasio
The workshop for the oil production from oilseeds is located in the town of Vigasio; this facility is also composed by two maize and oil crops dryers and silos with a storage capacity of about 5000 tons. In this advanced technology center, Manara Group self-produces electric energy through a vegetable oils cogenerator with the power of 250 kWh and a photovoltaic system of 150 kWh.