History of the brand

Marchio SEV.png

Thanks to the collaboration between Luigi Manara and Dr. Lionello Dusi, the
 SEV Sementi Elette Verona (Verona Selected Seeds) brand was born in 1954 in order to launch technically evolved wheat varieties on the market for the Agricultural Holdings which developed in the immediate postwar period.
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In 1992 the SEV brand was first associated to the Manara's name, accordingly to the arrival of the sons Luciano and Fabio in the company. Now, indeed, great part of the seeds sold in the North of Italy are characterized by the MANARA SEMENTI trademark. 
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In 2007 MANARA SEMENTI obtained the historical trademak PRODUTTORI SEMENTI VERONA (Verona Seeds Producers). That brought MANARA SEMENTI to reach a high market share.
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In 2010 the new MANARA SEMENTI trademark was born: with 60 years experience added to great investments in technology, MS is the leading Italian producer of grain cereals with the 25% of the national production, equal to over 45000 tons per year.