catalogo sementi 2017
Il catalogo sementi 2016
Catalogo sementi 2015
Tecnologie applicate a progetti di filiera: descrizione dettagliata delle tecnologie che il Gruppo Manara applica ai progetti di filiera, aggiornata al 2014.
Catalogo Sementi 2014
Catalogo Generale Sementi: general catalogue of seeds; annual issue displaying all the treated varieties of winter cereals.

Schede Varietali volume, in collaboration with CRPV
Schede Varietali: publication, in collaboration with the CRPV, which provides for all the varieties of winter cereals in Italy with detailed specifications about the features of each variety.
Agrochemicals general catalogue
Catalogo Agroforniture: agro supplies catalogue; outline of all the products and lines commercialized by Manara Agroforniture.